Bach in green

I was painting the walls over the weekend guys. Because I am bored of looking at the same white walls while listening to Wagner’s Lohengrin or some other piece of music. White is no color actually but a state of intensity of the light. It is part of the dark-light paradigm but not a color at all. I feel distressed surrounded by white walls.

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The review that did not take place

I had a chance to try a new amplifier over the weekend guys. It was a non-negative feedback solid state device in the price range slightly below 3k euro. I spotted it long time ago after reading a rather positive review in a french magazine. I contacted the brand owner and asked if I can have one for a week to check how it will perform against my current tube amplifier. Though it was twice as expensive as my current one I was quite sceptic about the transistor contender being able to outperform my tube Line Magnetic LM-211IA amp.

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High End Munich 2017

The show is over and I am going back home guys. Sitting in a train at Munich central station, that should set off every moment on the way to Hamburg, I am trying to gather my scattered thoughts. It is first time I attempt to write in a train, but it is worth because the trip takes around 6.5 hours which is plenty of time to lose. These three days I spent in Munich during the High End show were rather intense on impressions, some of them were results of planned visits, but some were due to occasional encounters which I am happy to share with you.

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Enzo Pietropaoli on Fonè Records

I mentioned recently that installing Fostex FE108-Sol drivers and removing the notch filters opened a new chapter in my audiophile journey, yet without good records this journey is leading to nowhere. In the context of my minimalistic approach, based upon crossover-less single-driver speakers, tube amplification and non-oversampling DAC, good record is one conceived in a process of utmost simplicity — use is made of single pair of microphones, no use of electronic manipulation or artificial correction of the signal — as the only way to produce natural sounding record.

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