Baltazar Benitez – Music of Astor Piazzolla

I am listening to a lot of tango music recently and I would like to share some findings. Few weeks ago I stumbled upon Adios Nonino record of Salvatore Accardo with Orchestra da Camera Italiana made by Fonè Records that ignited my interest into this genre. I mean I’ve listened to compositions by Astor Piazzolla before but it was never exclusively and with such a pleasure and understanding as these days.

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System update April 2017

Look from the listening position, the speakers have slight toe-in, the listening distance is around 1.8 times greater than the distance between the speakers.

I don’t mean to brag guys, don’t take me wrong, but the system really rocks these days and this is something I would like to report. I suspect the main reason for the outstanding performance lays nowhere else but in the improved room acoustic. As one can see on the images, there are several diffusers scattered around, also one sail is attached to the ceiling. Let me introduce you briefly to what I did recently in terms of room acoustic treatment.

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Belden 8402 microphone cable interconnects a la Dominique

Following the buzz around the Belden 8402 microphone cable used as interconnect that swirled around Jeff’s place I decided to build one myself. I decided also not to follow the classical convention of connecting conductors and shielding to RCA plugs suggested by Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki nor the contemporary norm of connecting the shielding only on one end to the ground, but to follow the methodology suggested by the french forumer and Jeff’s frequent visitor Dominique.

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