Of audiophiles and music lovers

I just recently visited a friend – Nadia – she is a music lover and her vinyl-based rig consisting of some vintage components is located in the kitchen. As opposed to me she listens to music while she is cooking or doing something else in the adjacent room or when simply chilling out on the veranda. On contrary at my place I always listen intently and in front of the audio system. But I did enjoy the evening we spent on the veranda chatting about things, drinking and laughing with couple of fellows.

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Alexei Melnikov – Piano Works

This is some beautiful music I encountered guys – Beethoven, Chopin & Liszt: Piano Works – performed by the talented young artist Alexei Melnikov. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a toe-tapping experience with Beethoven’s music, but the fact is that this record brought the shiver back. It is simply stunning what Alexei is doing with the keyboard of the beautiful Shigeru Kawai EX grand piano.

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Anette Maiburg – Classica Española

It did not happen very often guys that I am so moved by a record that I am urged to write about it and eventually share it with you. But this time it is the case – I stumbled upon an extraordinary piece of recorded music that I would like to inform you about and draw your attention towards it.

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Enzo Pietropaoli on Fonè Records

I mentioned recently that installing Fostex FE108-Sol drivers and removing the notch filters opened a new chapter in my audiophile journey, yet without good records this journey is leading to nowhere. In the context of my minimalistic approach, based upon crossover-less single-driver speakers, tube amplification and non-oversampling DAC, good record is one conceived in a process of utmost simplicity — use is made of single pair of microphones, no use of electronic manipulation or artificial correction of the signal — as the only way to produce natural sounding record.

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