Bach in green

I was painting the walls over the weekend guys. Because I am bored of looking at the same white walls while listening to Wagner’s Lohengrin or some other piece of music. White is no color actually but a state of intensity of the light. It is part of the dark-light paradigm but not a color at all. I feel distressed surrounded by white walls.

It is so unnatural, nowhere in the nature you could find yourself surrounded by uniformly flat and white surfaces. Uniform colors are also unnatural because in the nature you always have shades of color alternating randomly. A crown of a tree is not uniformly green but because of its leafs orientation, shapes and shades it looks great.

So I decided to paint the walls of my room in non-uniform way using natural pigments for coloration and vegetable protein as a binding agent. It takes a lot of time painting like this with natural dyes over wallpapers, it takes patience and peace of mind to make it properly.

I was painting when suddenly I heard explosions, shouts, breaking glass, car alarms and steps of running men. The cars were burning all of a sudden, bombs were thrown and windows were broken. I looked out of the window and saw black dressed guys wearing masks breaking a window of a car and throwing some ignition inside.

I didn’t expect this guys, I was just painting my damn walls when suddenly the clash broke loose. And no music but helicopters and sirens and cries of a baby and bark of a dog. And the night before was so calm, I listened to some young man down the street strumming and singing a song about July, enjoying and playing with his untrained voice and it was beautiful.

I watched the news afterwards and learned that these were hard-left activists of the so called black block. And because this year the G20 summit took place in Hamburg it all happened. Fair enough, but guys I just want my walls painted and listen Bach in a green room. But these helicopters are so loud nowadays …

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