Bernd Timmermanns’ Micro Block MK2 compact loudspeakers

Micro Block MK2 compact loudspeaker

I don’t know why I decided to build these particular speakers that found their way to the public on the pages of Hobby HiFi magazine. It was maybe the unusual concept that caught my attention on the first place – two-way construction combining long-excursion 4.5″ subwoofer unit with a 3″ dome twitter in a rather compact but extremely sturdy enclosure.

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Abbingdon Music Research DP-777 D/A converter

I’m gonna wrap up my thoughts and impressions of AMR DP-777 D/A converter that together with SoTM sMS-200 network player comprise the main source link of my audio chain, guys. As you might know, SoTM sMS-200 transports raw digital data through USB interface to AMR DP-777 that converts it to analog signal feeding the amplifier, so my observations are based entirely on AMR’s USB asynchronous digital input that is only one of the five connectivity options this device has to offer. Other digital sources I use along with this front-end are my Panasonic TV and the portable Sony NWZ-A15 music player.

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System update December 2017

Some time has passed since Audio Note OTO SE Signature took over the amplification task in my audio system, and as it usually happens when a new component of higher quality has been introduced, some deficiencies intrinsic to other links in the audio chain are being revealed. Armed with some new knowledge, obtained during the communication with Peter Qvortrup, I went through a process of system optimization evolving around this single-ended amplifier with the main goal to bring the best out of it. I am glad that the end result is a level of enjoyment that surpassed anything I used to know.

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First impressions of Audio Note OTO Phono SE Signature integrated amplifier

I have the pleasure to enjoy Audio Note OTO Phono SE Signature amplifier in my system guys. Peter Qvortrup, the owner of Audio Note UK, was so generous to sent me one unit to test and review. In my initial email to him I simply stated that I am interested in this pure class A single-ended amplifier that would probably suit my taste better than my push-pull Line Magnetic LM-211IA . Few weeks later Andy Whittle, the sales manager of Audio Note UK, was standing downstairs with a big, 20 kilogram heavy box containing the requested amplifier. After unpacking I realized that I am not accustomed to see such a solid build  every day.

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Line Magnetic LM-211IA integrated tube amplifier

I postponed writing this review for quite some time, being aware that reviewing component I own and use as a reference might not be very useful to the reader. I mean LM-211IA is the best amplifier I’ve ever had in my system and since I’ve never heard anything better, I have nothing other to say but to apologetically prize its virtues and express my positive feelings toward its performance. This I guess might be pretty boring to read and that’s why I was thinking to write this review once I stumble upon an amplifier that outperforms it, so that I could have a critical point. But it happened so that Srajan offered me to write this review as my first contribution to the 6moons magazine and I had no choice but to comply.

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