Of audiophiles and music lovers

I just recently visited a friend – Nadia – she is a music lover and her vinyl-based rig consisting of some vintage components is located in the kitchen. As opposed to me she listens to music while she is cooking or doing something else in the adjacent room or when simply chilling out on the veranda. On contrary at my place I always listen intently and in front of the audio system. But I did enjoy the evening we spent on the veranda chatting about things, drinking and laughing with couple of fellows.

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Bernd Timmermanns’ Micro Block MK2 compact loudspeakers

Micro Block MK2 compact loudspeaker

I don’t know why I decided to build these particular speakers that found their way to the public on the pages of Hobby HiFi magazine. It was maybe the unusual concept that caught my attention on the first place – two-way construction combining long-excursion 4.5″ subwoofer unit with a 3″ dome twitter in a rather compact but extremely sturdy enclosure.

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Abbingdon Music Research DP-777 D/A converter

I’m gonna wrap up my thoughts and impressions of AMR DP-777 D/A converter that together with SoTM sMS-200 network player comprise the main source link of my audio chain, guys. As you might know, SoTM sMS-200 transports raw digital data through USB interface to AMR DP-777 that converts it to analog signal feeding the amplifier, so my observations are based entirely on AMR’s USB asynchronous digital input that is only one of the five connectivity options this device has to offer. Other digital sources I use along with this front-end are my Panasonic TV and the portable Sony NWZ-A15 music player.

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Slightly metaphysical

March is slowly approaching its end, and this reminds me that for quite some time I haven’t written anything in this blog. The reason is simple, not much is happening here, though some interesting bits are circulating in my emails to Biju and Peter recently. I find writing to a real person safer and easier than to an abstract audience. Writing for the general public is like wielding a two-edged sword – you never know how the effect of your writing will reflect on you. Email communication is enjoyable, but it is a private thing, and there is not much left for you, dear reader.

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Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage 2018

I have to confess I was growing impatient lately, counting the days left until the opening of the main audio event in northern Germany – Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage. The fact that the city I live in hosts the second biggest audio show in Germany makes me feel lucky, because it is great opportunity, that costs basically nothing, to align one’s expectations and internal reference to what is considered top-notch in terms of audio reproduction nowadays.

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